Serving sizes

I used to think that serving sizes on food was very small. This afternoon for lunch I made on of the Knorr Rice Sides- the cheddar broccoli flavor- a few weeks ago I could have eaten the entire bag, 2.5 servings, myself and still been slightly hungry. 

Well, today when I made it for lunch I was only able to eat 1 of the 2.5 servings. I was completely satisfied after eating 1 serving. 

I have shrunk my stomach to a normal size. Which is wonderful, I am so happy. Plus it will save me money on food. What used to make one meal can now make 2! 

On a side note, apparently cleaning the house burns a lot of calories. I cleaned- aka a folded up and broke down cardboard boxes- for about 100 minutes, I timed myself to see how long it would take to get it all done. I tracked the boxes as housework on the SparkPeople app on exercise, and it was a ton of calories burned! (Which it should have been- I worked my butt off)