A wake up call…

On my last entry I put my weight and measurements up for the world to see. It was a hard thing for me to put it up there and admit to the world that I am that big and that unhealthy. If I want to really do this I need to put it up there. Show where I started from.
My weight was really a slap in the face last time I went to the psychiatrist, I was 4 pounds away from 300. I do not want to pass that mark on the scale. It scared me. A lot. It woke me up that I need to really do something about it and not just sit around and keep getting bigger.

Starting Stats…

Here are starting measurements and weight. I don’t have a scale to weigh myself at home with so that will only be updated about every three month when I go to the psychiatrist, that is the only time I am ever weighed. I will update the measurements once a month.

Waist: 49 inches

Hips: 57 1/2 inches

Arms: 21 1/2 inches

Weight: 296